Flyer Design for ReverseVision, Inc.

  • Κατάσταση: Closed
  • Βραβείο: $190
  • Ληφθείσες Συμμετοχές: 4
  • Νικητής: photostyles

Σύνοψη Διαγωνισμού

Design a layout for a booklet of articles, and create an image for each.

Προτεινόμενες Δεξιότητες

Σχόλια Εργοδότη

“Great to work with! Very responsive, works day and night! I can highly recommend photostyles and will work with again !!!”

Εικόνα προφίλ tmartig, United States.

Δημόσιος Πίνακας Διευκρινίσεων

  • willemk
    • Πριν από 12 χρόνια

    So to clarify you would like a cover page, a table of contents, and a custom graphic for each article (12), completed in less than 72 hours?

    • Πριν από 12 χρόνια
    1. Maxartkiller
      • Πριν από 12 χρόνια

      NICE DUDE....

      • Πριν από 12 χρόνια
    2. imaginativeGFX
      • Πριν από 12 χρόνια

      I like #2

      • Πριν από 12 χρόνια
  • tmartig
    Κάτοχος Διαγωνισμού
    • Πριν από 12 χρόνια

    Requirements updated to clarify.

    • Πριν από 12 χρόνια
  • reaz2007
    • Πριν από 12 χρόνια

    After viewing your documents, I can't understand your requirements. If your design Approx 26pages, but in your document not enough. If you have any page format, you should clear it. Otherwise design may not prepare perfectly.

    • Πριν από 12 χρόνια
  • MGDesign1
    • Πριν από 12 χρόνια

    After reviewing your Word doc attachments, your brief and your expectations do not seem to match. Is this contest for a Cover and example layout spread for articles or for the complete booklet?
    In your documentation you indicate the booklet layout already being done by another designer. Did they remove them selves from this project or are you now looking for a different creative service?
    Please clarify the number of pages which need to be prepared. Your support material indicates a much larger project than covered by the brief [and prize amount]. the spec indicates up to 14 articles for this booklet which would make it at least a 16 page booklet.

    • Πριν από 12 χρόνια
    1. TheLogoComp
      • Πριν από 12 χρόνια

      Right. @tmartig Pls specify the price amount for complete work.

      • Πριν από 12 χρόνια

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