Elite Imports Group - Logo Design and Stationery included

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Σύνοψη Διαγωνισμού

Our Company is "Elite Imports Group"

We are an importer of Premium Goods into China.

We are looking for a new Company logo that represents-
- Money
- Class
- China
- Importing into China
- A Premium Brand

We need the following:

- Logo in 2 Forms
- Logo Above the Company name and slogan
- Logo to the Right or Left of Company name and slogan (to be agreed)
- Email Signatures
- Letterhead templates
- Cover page
- Continuation page (minus a top header, keeping footer)
- Business Card Template (Front and Back)
- Multiple Formats (Ai, PDF, EPS, JPEG, PNG, SVG)
- Multiple Sizes to Suit
- Desktop Background Wallpaper (4k and 1080P)
- Social Media (Facebook, Favicon, Instagram, LinkedIn)
- Watermark

Please ask for any additional info or guidance as required.

We have attached 4 examples for reference only.

Text Required:

Elite Imports Group
When Quality Matters Most (质量最重要) We want the slogan in Chinese Simplified.

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  • HusainaDesign
    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

    only 1 day left

    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
  • designmaster018
    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

    Hi sir, please check my entry. thanks...............

    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
  • joepic
    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

    working for an entry

    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
    1. joepic
      • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

      & 145

      • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
    2. joepic
      • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

      * #145

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  • akhtarhossain517
    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

    #117 #118

    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
  • techshopmedia
    Κάτοχος Διαγωνισμού
    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

    Hi all, we need the slogan to be in chinese.

    Also if you research Chinese Culture you will see that the Colours that mean things in a premium, trust, money.

    Please research the colours you use. The examples that we showed were better than many of these submissions, we need to think about what chinese people are going to see and trust.

    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
    1. djtannng
      • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

      PLZ CHECK 92,93,94,96 SIR.

      • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
  • Garibaldi17
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  • gustavosaffo
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