Do some 3D Modelling

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I need the Sketch to be converted to a 2D and 3D drawing and put into the title block file.
all parts of the drawing to be labelled.
Riteseal for reference is available for viewing at this link - [login to view URL]
Autocard drawing of the expansion joint in the sketch is attached is attached for reference. do not insert the centre pin (as in the expansion joint drawin), that is not required. Follow the sketch.
2D and 3D of the sketch to be put in the title block file and submitted in dwg and pdf.
>> I am increasing the budget and the scope. Refer add PDF [login to view URL]
Im sending more details drawings here. Please check and revert if you need any more clarifications to save on time.
Please see attached. Ive tried to detail more. The last 2 pages are cross sections of Option 1 and Option 2 of the profiles. What I need is as follows:
1. Drawing showing Option 1 (with sealant)
This is with backer rod
2. Drawing showing Option 2 (with rubber profile). This is without backer rod.
The sketch has the complete detail for both as per site conditions. I had asked the centre rod to be removed, it will remain (my mistake). The profiles are fixed with fisher and bolts (as marked in the sketch).
he fixing detail also has to be shown.(bolting
both will have 2D and 3d Views with labels on 2d and 3d views
3. I need another drawing where the following has to be created (with SS cover plate and riteseal) BUT with the profile 1 and profile 2 for floor. Refer Block2 Drawing [login to view URL]
Wall will have SS cover plates with Riteseal as in the above PDF. Except Wall will have tile glue and then the SS cover plates.
for option 2 with rubber profile, the color of rubber will beige.

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“very good with his work. understands the details properly and also takes initiative. ”

Εικόνα προφίλ aliasgarraja, United Arab Emirates.

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    check entry #8

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    Hello, sir. I have some questions related to the project.

    I can recreate the file ZA 3000-150 H45, which is a simple profile. However, the hand-made sketch got my attention. Is it required that the profile ZA 3000 fills the gap you are showing there?

    But the profile is wider than the gap you are trying to fill.

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