Design a Logo for equestrian artist

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Σύνοψη Διαγωνισμού

I'm looking for smart, nice and distinctive design for myself, I am both artist and photographer and only working with horses, so graphic element including horse is an essential.
I quite like my existing logo idea, but it's too simple (raw).. want more character in it..,
I use it as watermark on my images with or without www ... part.

so it must content:
1.Ironia Art
1 Horse
+ anything you can imagine ...
(if using any extra colour, pink is the one I like, adding my very old logo for color sample) but probably better to stick with one color. )

to know more about me and my style you are welcome to visit my site
(more than welcome to use any of images on site as references and inspiration.
adding my current logo here.

thanks in advance!

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