Create a logo for a wedding company

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  • Νικητής: SoundOfFairies

Σύνοψη Διαγωνισμού

I would like a logo designed for my company:


They will operate under the website:

The company will build wedding websites for couples getting married and as such the logo needs to be romantic and professional.

The logo will need to be supplied in vector format fully editable and with pngs and jpgs supplied also.

A colour I like and that I would prefer is used in the logo is:

Hex #85CDC6

No plagiarism, if any detected then you will be reported.

Examples of fonts I like, similar ones must be used as this is the style I want:

However, please be imaginative and you do have some free reign.


Please note the above colour is a suggestion only. You can if you feel confident, do other colours

Also required are print ready business card designs. So please submit your business card designs along with your logo. Details for business card will be given to the winner.


Προτεινόμενες Δεξιότητες

Σχόλια Εργοδότη

“Perfect. Would recommend highly. Thorough, precise, professional, timely and most importantly, provides beautiful designs.”

Εικόνα προφίλ murphysryan, United Kingdom.

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  • DragonFly0626
    • Πριν από 7 χρόνια


    • Πριν από 7 χρόνια
  • adripoveda
    • Πριν από 7 χρόνια

    Please check #41 #40 Please if you have any comments o suggestions please send me a message i will try to do the changes as soon as possible

    • Πριν από 7 χρόνια
  • adripoveda
    • Πριν από 7 χρόνια

    Please check #40 if you have any comments o suggestions please send me a message.

    • Πριν από 7 χρόνια
  • MarcinSycure
    • Πριν από 7 χρόνια

    please look at #33

    • Πριν από 7 χρόνια
  • sherri55
    • Πριν από 7 χρόνια

    what kind of logo are you looking for?

    • Πριν από 7 χρόνια
  • brijwanth
    • Πριν από 7 χρόνια

    #2 , #3 . thanks

    • Πριν από 7 χρόνια
  • sumontosohel
    • Πριν από 7 χρόνια

    what is the meaning of "TiedKnot" ??

    • Πριν από 7 χρόνια
    1. murphysryan
      Κάτοχος Διαγωνισμού
      • Πριν από 7 χρόνια

      A tied knot is a knot in a rope or a ribbon etc.

      • Πριν από 7 χρόνια

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