Bootstrap 4 Template Required

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I need a bootstrap template created. Specifically, I need the ultimate back end systems bootstrap template created. It has to look good, function really well and also be extremely practical for the display of large amounts of data. I have some start points I want you to work from, essentially combining some features I like from a template I found (menu) with my current Bootstrap3 layout.

Have a look at [login to view URL] - log in with username test and password testing - I want the menu from there in the design. Pay particular attention to how it functions on mobiles.

Bootstrap 4 uses cards, so use those in your design. Don't deviate from bootstrap much - keep all the default colours in bootstrap the same (primary, success etc).

See the pictures for a screenshot of my old system - I want something like that - very easy to lay out content and very easy to read information. The simple colours and nice contrast is good. Also I want a really strong emphasis on breadcrumbs - so some kind of horizontal bar just below the page title / menu with a complete breadcrumb trail would be ideal. I'd prefer to spend more screen real estate on the breadcrumb trail than a big fancy page title because that's more practical.

Imagine one scenario; you're running the back end of an email server for a company. You have to choose the email module, then a staff member, then emails for that staff member and then you have to paginate. If you don't have a really no-nonsense breadcrumb trail for something like that the user will get lost.

Have a play with this concept and let me know if you have questions. I have an idea of what I want - hopefully you can find it.

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  • jimist
    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

    2 question regarding your idea:
    1- Should we have charts (like Pie charts) included in the template?
    2- in the desktop mode should we have a menu for the side too?

    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
    1. jsecure2
      Κάτοχος Διαγωνισμού
      • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

      1 - I don't really need pie charts, but sure include some if you like - it would be interesting to see how you integrate them. 2 - In the desktop mode I prefer the menu at the top

      • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
    2. jsecure2
      Κάτοχος Διαγωνισμού
      • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

      Do have a look at my dev site (see project description) - don't be afraid to log in with the test details and take a look around. I'm pretty happy with the menu there. I'm coming into a problem because to display a complex area which is a sub area of a larger area I think I need some kind of horizontal bar at the top showing the sections of this sub section, and to display data eg in a table I need a really clear, easy to read way to display the data using nice colours like sky blue and mint green. Try my email module; you can go into an employee and then into email addresses for an employee. So employee is a section and email addresses are a sub section - it needs to be so easy for the user to understand and navigate, but getting the right layout to achieve that - that's this project

      • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
  • al2018
    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

    I can do it. please contact me.

    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
  • jsecure2
    Κάτοχος Διαγωνισμού
    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

    Hi - to be clear the thing I'm looking for is not a homepage or portfolio style template - there are so many of them free on the Internet. I'm looking for something which can be used to really clearly handle lots of information as the control system for a complicated back end management interface. You can read through the competition specification and actually log into my dev system to get an idea the kind of thing I'm talking about. Key elements which I'd like to see are a very clear way to manage a breadcrumbs system, possibly some kind of bar along the top of the page. Also a really easy on the eye table layout which is not hidden or lost in the design at all, with a nice contrast drawing your eye to the data. I quite like blue - something with blue would be nice.

    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

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