Animation 20-40 sec - split screen story

  • Κατάσταση: Closed
  • Βραβείο: $150
  • Ληφθείσες Συμμετοχές: 4
  • Νικητής: stants

Σύνοψη Διαγωνισμού

Need a 2D line art animated video, primarily black and white with limited use of color. storyboards have been created.

Video will tell two stories side by side and finishes with the characters A & B meeting in the same frame.
completed videos must be 250MB or less and in one of the following file types: MOV, MP4, or WMV

Cute simple outlines are preferred. Video will need an audio background to run the length of the animation. Audio should be melancholy in nature for story board scenes 1-5 and a more cheerful/hopeful tone for scenes 6-7

Scene 1
Person A is walking around their university feeling lonely
Person B is standing in the bathroom mirror deciding whether or not to cut their hair

Scene 2
Person A is is in class and sees another girl that she likes
Person B (now has short hair for the rest of the video) is in their closet deciding whether or not to wear a dress or a suit jacket

Scene 3
Person A is at dinner with friends who are all in relationships and feels left out
Person B is wearing the suit jacket and is deciding which bathroom to go into (Male vs Female)

Scene 4
Person A is sad sitting on a park bench in the rain and watching other people walk by looking happy
Person B walks by Person A and notices that person A is similar her

Scene 5
Person A is still sitting on the bench in the rain
Person B goes to an umbrella vendor to buy an umbrella

Scene 6 (same screen now)
Person A looks up shocked that she was noticed her while person B hands Person A the new umbrella

Scene 7 (same screen)
Person A and B sit happily as friends and talk in the rain

The umbrellas will be maroon colored #A01E5C
The red dots signify a rainbow heart that Person A, B and the street vendor have

Please submit a still of a scene outlined above

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Σχόλια Εργοδότη

“Very timely. Made all changes requested and delivered a video that was EXACTLY in my teams vision. will definitely work with again ”

Εικόνα προφίλ bcashley, United States.

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  • NewSeedStudio17
    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

    Hi , I just saw your contest , I would like to work on your project. It would take me about 2 days to submit my entry , so if there is any chance for you to extend this contest that would be great...

    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
  • elysaud
    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο


    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
  • rajeshjoda
    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

    please check my entry #11 . thanks.

    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
  • elysaud
    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

    check #9 I have the video ready. only to deliver, any modification can be made without delay. bendiciones!!

    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
  • rajeshjoda
    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

    im working! please wait for my entry. please do not close the contest. wait till the end. im working hard on this. thanks!

    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
  • aeroflair
    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

    working on it!

    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο
  • bcashley
    Κάτοχος Διαγωνισμού
    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

    hearts should be striped in rainbow colors like this:

    • Πριν από 1 χρόνο

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