A Uber Clone application for beauty services

  • Κατάσταση: Closed
  • Βραβείο: $1400
  • Ληφθείσες Συμμετοχές: 9
  • Νικητής: Biswa N.

Σύνοψη Διαγωνισμού

1) iOS Base App – Features in base app explained above
2) Android Base App – Features in base app explained above
3) Website – Mobile responsive website built with full booking capabilities - (NO WORDPRESS).
4) iOS App Installation – Connect customer and providers apps with the API’s and setup the app on the app store along with screenshots
5) Android App Installation – Connect customer and providers apps with the API’s and setup the app on the play store along with screenshots
6) Server Installation - Install the Admin Panel, Website and API’s on the web server and setup the SSL certificates and Cloudflare firewall
7) iOS reskin – Change the color theme and logo on the apps -
8) Website reskin - Change the color theme and logo on the apps
9) Android reskin - Change the color theme and logo on the apps
10) Additional Language for mobile apps - Portuguese Brazil
1) PROMO CODES AND REFERRAL CODES – Create different kind of promo codes and referral campaigns:
1) Promo code to give % discount on booking
2) Promo code to give fixed discount on booking
2) PROMO CAMPAIGNS – Create conditions in the back-office which if met will send promo codes or credit the customer’s wallet with additional credits.
3) BIRDS VIEW – Track provider fleet in real time on a map, great tool for field force management.
4) PROVIDER WALLET – A provider wallet to manage provider earnings. This is a useful feature in countries where the provider largely receives cash payments. In case of cash payments, the provider has to pay the app, the app commission and in case of card payments the app needs to pay the provider his earnings from the trip. This whole accounting system based on payment cycles is managed on this wallet system.
5) SCHEDULED BOOKINGS – Customer can select the date and time when he/she needs a service and the system find the best matched provider. In the case of on-demand bookings the system finds the best matched provider automatically and in the case of marketplace bookings the customer can select from the available list of providers the provider that best matches the customer’s preferences to book.
6) DISPATCH SOFTWARE – A manual dispatch system to manage scheduled bookings. A person manning the system will find a provider for the booking request manually.
7) DETAILED ANALYTICS – Reports of app earnings, provider earnings, operator earnings, bookings, booking heat maps.
8) CUSTOMER WALLET – Wallet integrated into the solution which can be used to either make payments or to earn loyalty money on the app.
9) ZENDESK INTEGRATION – Integrated with Zendesk for support ticket management
10) PROVIDER-CUSTOMER CHAT – Real time chat integrated on the app which lets providers and customers chat once the provider has been booked
11) PROVIDER-CUSTOMER AUDIO/VIDEO CALL- Allows customers and providers to jump on a video/audio call , this does not use any 3rd party service and is app to app calling which only needs a good data network to operate (optional)
1) MANAGE APP UPDATES – Manage app updates from the backend, whenever the app is updated on the app store / play store mark them as mandatory or non-mandatory. If the app update is mandatory all users will have to forcibly update the app before they can use the app , this is very useful in cases where critical app updates are made which necessarily require all users to update the app. Non mandatory updates are useful to let the user know that there is a new update available to download
2) SEND PUSH NOTIFICATIONS – Send push notification alerts to customers and providers from the admin panel
3) MARK FAVORITE ADDRESSES – Mark and save some addresses as favorites and tag them as HOME, OFFICE , OTHER etc for quick access.
4) SOCIAL LOGIN – Login with facebook and google.
5) LIVE CHAT WITH SUPPORT – Live Chat integrated for communicating with app support on both customer and provider apps.

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  • maggiegroves
    • Πριν από 9 μήνες

    this contest is still open

    • Πριν από 9 μήνες
  • rku58e31a2cc290f
    • Πριν από 9 μήνες

    Is the contest still running

    • Πριν από 9 μήνες
  • AlphabetDesigner
    • Πριν από 9 μήνες

    And I'm confident that I can complete your project on time and within your budget.
    Please can we initiate chat for further discussion. I will do my best for you , with a Positive Hope! Thank You

    • Πριν από 9 μήνες
  • ruchi2019
    • Πριν από 9 μήνες

    Does freelancer should know android, iOS and php languages...to develop this application

    • Πριν από 9 μήνες
  • techsoftpk
    • Πριν από 9 μήνες

    Please have a look at #6

    • Πριν από 9 μήνες
  • Srashtasoft
    • Πριν από 10 μήνες

    I have already developed Uber Clone application in android and iOS with admin panel so I easily develop your application, Let me know if you want to see a live demo, I'm happy to share more details.

    • Πριν από 10 μήνες
  • Foxy Technologies
    Foxy Technologies
    • Πριν από 10 μήνες


    • Πριν από 10 μήνες

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