Need a Best Home Page Design

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Need a Best Home Page Design

Merit Campus Provides Online Java Training From Expert Trainers To Students Worldwide. We Provide Java Training, Tests, Tutorials, Practice, Programs, Competitions. We Are Highly Professional And Quality People

Contest Details:
We Already Have a Best Home Page [login to view URL] We Do Need a Responsive Design.
Provide Responsive Design To - Desktop,Tablet,Mobile
Use Same Colours And Logo in Existing website(Merit Campus).
As Mentioned Provide a Step by Step Requirements Design.
If You Had a Good Idea To Implement. You Can Also change the Order Of Requirements. But Don't Change Colours And Logo

Header Menu:

Existing Menu: Register, Pricing and Login, which is not a floating menu
Proposed Menu: Need a floating menu with the buttons,
1)Try Free Demo
2)Join Live Class
3)Java Live Help
4) Expert Java Training
5) Reach us at : 8500622255

Header Menu2:

Existing Menu: Topics, Practice Tests, Java Sessions, Competitions
Proposed Menu: Need a menu with following titles,
1)Core Java Topics
2) Need a title with java tests that which include a drop down list with the following contents,
(i) Topic Wise tests
(ii) Beginner tests
(iii)Intermediate tests
(iv)Expert tests
3) Need a title with Java Competitions that which include a drop down list with the following contents,
(i)Daily Dose
(ii)Top coder 168
(iii)Monthly Competitions
(iv)Merit Certificates
(v)Refer and Earn
4) Online Java Compiler
5) Need a title with “ free java live help” that which include a drop down list with the following contents,
(i)Learn Java tips
(ii)Java Discussions
(III)Java Questions

Sliding Banner and Sign in form:

Existing System: The current banner has Learn, practice, Compete that automatically shows one after the other and some matter relevant to Java Course and duration.

Proposed System:1) Need a banner with manual control that consisting of,
(i)Expert Java Training
(ii)Try free demo
(iii)Join Java Live Class
(iv)Java Live help
and the relevant content according to each topic.
2) Need a registration form to the right of the banner with text fields like Name, mobile number, email id and college name and a sign in button. below the form, need an forget password? hyper link.

Content needed:

1) Below the banner need a description for Merit Campus
2) need a text field with an up arrow that indicates upcoming batches

3) Below the description, need a title with Java Courses that which include different types of
Java courses that we offer like,

(i)Regular Course (with : Duration,batch size,fees)
(ii)Fast Track Course(with : Duration,batch size,fees)
(iii)Long Term Course (with : Duration,batch size,fees)
(Iv) Java Practice Tests (6 months, 2 years plan ,lifetime plan)
4)Try A Free Demo
5) need a title with Android Course(with description).
6)Finally need a title with Review & Feedbacks.

Footer Menu:

Existing Menu: The Current menu has several titles like about us, what we do, java learning tips,sample resume and etc.

Proposed System:
1)Need menu list
i. About Us,
ii. Our Tutors and.
iii. Our Goal
[login to view URL] we do
v. Contact Us

2)Need to place a video regarding Merit Campus beside all these titles.

Attachments are uploaded below.

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