The Man Who Brought Tech To The Country And Revolutionized The Live Music Scene

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Adam Simon, a seasoned music entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the industry, identified an opportunity to enhance the Tamworth Country Music Festival experience through technology. As Adam explains, "I've been going to the Tamworth Country Music Festival for 21 years... and the last couple of years, a much younger demographic has come towards the festival."

Adam's vision was to create a mobile app that would serve as a comprehensive guide to the festival, improving visitor experiences and connecting artists with their fans. He sought a skilled mobile app developer capable of creating iOS and Android versions of the app, along with a backend for data entry. Adam emphasized the importance of a user-friendly design, stating, "I would like the app to have a modern and visually appealing design, with vibrant colors and a music festival theme."

Having used Freelancer in the past, Adam turned to the platform once again for its efficiency and reliability. Reflecting on his decision, he remarked, "I've used Freelancer in the past for various types of projects... but I found that it was a timing thing for me." To expedite the hiring process, Adam utilized Freelancer's Recruiter service, noting, "The Recruiter service through Freelancer was something I hadn't used before... but really, it made my job so much easier."


Adam collaborated with Shahinur Mithun and the team at OrFactor, who proved to be highly professional and receptive to Adam's ideas. He praised their flexibility, saying, "Nothing was too much of a problem... already planning on a 2025 app and going straight back to that freelancer for sure." The resulting app received over 3000 downloads across both app stores and earned praise from festival attendees and artists alike.


The success of the Tamworth Country Music Festival app has strengthened Adam's connection to the music community and inspired future endeavors. He plans to continue working with Freelancer for upcoming projects, including the development of a dashboard to enhance engagement with artists on social media and streaming platforms.

Adam Simon's journey exemplifies the transformative power of technology in enhancing traditional experiences. By leveraging, Adam was able to realize his vision for the Tamworth Country Music Festival app, providing festival attendees with a seamless and immersive experience while strengthening connections between artists and fans.


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