Meet the Marketing Maverick Growing Small Businesses Globally

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Dr Raewyn Sleeman

Dr. Raewyn Sleeman, a Canadian entrepreneur based in London, wanted to build a business centered on simplifying marketing strategies for small businesses worldwide. She came up with the idea of a Marketing Strategy app - a digital tool aimed at providing personalized marketing plans for small and micro-business owners, but didn't know where to start. "I wanted to create something that would simplify marketing for entrepreneurs," she explains.

Marketing Strategy App

Marketing Strategy App by Stratagease

Raewyn turned to Freelancer after a recommendation from a fellow entrepreneur, recognizing its potential to connect her with skilled freelancers within her budget. "I couldn't afford the fees of local providers," she admits. 

Raewyn found a freelancer from India, VyClean Solutions @gangradeankit, to collaborate on the project. "Their technical knowledge is excellent," she praises. "They made it easy to answer their questions and build the app."


Since the launch of the Marketing Strategy app, it has garnered over 50,000 downloads and is utilized by entrepreneurs in 176 countries across 150 industries. "It's amazing to see the difference it's making," Raewyn enthuses. "It's providing easy access to marketing expertise for those who need it most."

Raewyn's journey with Freelancer shows the power of determination, innovation, and strategic collaboration in the world of entrepreneurship. She has not only created a valuable tool but has also left a lasting impact on countless businesses worldwide. Raewyn's story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.


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Hi, I work for in the talent-filled Design Team. My creative skills compliment my marketing experience so I work across both Design and Marketing. I specialise in video content production, having worked for over 20 years in the television industry. Most of that time I worked in on-air promotions and won many awards for my campaigns. This also involved scriptwriting and copywritin...

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