How a College Senior Makes Good Use of Talent, Passion and Free Time

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Freelancers have flexible schedules; thus, they are able to prioritize other things aside from working and earning a living.

Kim Coching is a Filipino college senior who works as a part-time freelance graphic designer. She plays acoustic and bass guitars in her church community. Whenever she has the time, she hangs out with friends and takes her pet dog out for a walk. Usually, she ends her day with a cup of coffee or a Burger King.

As a student, her primary obligation is to get a degree. However, she faced some challenges that needed her utmost attention. It pushed her to find a source of income, so she turned to internet marketing. She earned extra by clicking ads, playing games, and watching videos.

It was her way of earning online. Eventually, she realized that making so little for such a big time investment was no longer worth it.

While snooping around Google, she came across She immediately saw a contest that invited freelancers to submit infographic designs. What caught her attention was the $50 prize it had. Her goal was clear – she wanted that money. So, she rushed to Google to verse herself with what an infographic was, how it should look like and how to make one. Kim also looked for online apps that would assist her in producing one.

After finding a website that catered to her needs, she started working on her design. A mix of her creativity, the site’s tools, and the employer’s feedback earned her $50. Out of all the entries submitted, her design was chosen. “I was so glad to earn an amount that big in just a few hours of working,” said Kim.

That, being her first project, inspired her to work even harder. So, she kept looking for infographic contests online. She found a plethora of projects and kept bidding on them. Her earnings ranged from $10-$250/project. “In just my first month, I already earned an exact amount of $500. That's far more than the salary of an average worker here in the Philippines,” explained Kim.

Her enthusiasm for freelancing kept growing, so she created accounts in different websites, but she had difficulty finding projects. “Other sites are not that freelancer friendly. They also aren’t known in the community. That's why I stuck with my first choice: It offers a convenient way of browsing projects and communicating with the client,” she said.

Kim’s Freelancer journey has opened many doors for her. One perk she enjoys is the freedom to eat in delicious restaurants without minding the price too much. Instead of just focusing on her primary needs, she is now able to spend on her wants as well. But the biggest takeaway she gets from freelancing is the opportunity to build great relationships with her clients.

To successfully get jobs on, Kim has two pieces of advice:

    1. Be passionate. When you work on any project, put your heart into your craft.

    2. Aim for excellence. Always give your best in what you do. Never settle for mediocrity.

“When you strive for excellence and add in passion, it molds you into a better person each and every day. That’s what matters most,” she said.

Got an infographic project in mind? Turn that into a reality. Hire Kim today!

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